The Reiki Academy

Traditional Usui Reiki is a safe and simple to activate healing technique for yourself and others. It was rediscovered in Japan, in the 1900s and continues to be one of the most learned healing technique around the world. The loving and healing energies of Reiki is safe to use on plants, animals, adults and children. You do not need to believe in Reiki to enjoy its many benefits. As a practitioner of Reiki, one only needs to intent and this 'intelligent' energy starts to flow.

Reiki simply means Universal Energy. It is spiritual in nature and allows one to evolve and transform. Consistent use of Reiki, will change your perspective, gently 'loosen your grip' on die hard feelings, in another words, change your emotions, and your spiritual growth will follow. Its main purpose is to bring your various subtle bodies into balance and thus attaining healing on the physical body. One does not need special abilities or requirements to practice Reiki. You will be attuned or connected to the energy of Reiki by way of an energetic attunement by me. This attunement lasts for an entire lifetime.


How Tarra conducts Reiki workshops: The essence, knowledge and techniques taught by me are as those taught in Japan since the time of Dr Mikao Usui. It is simple and pure and teaches you to heal from your heart. This course is comprehensive and I offer you time for theory and time for hands on practice as well. This is so that you will establish trust in the energy of Reiki; with a step by step guide to activating and using Reiki on yourself and your class mates, there is no second guessing when you go home. You will experience the whole process of doing treatment for others during my class, and time for questions during and after. I have been practising Reiki since 2003 and teaching since 2007. The miracle that I experienced with Reiki is the impetus that drove me to want to share this beautiful healing technique with the rest of the world. I choose to do this in small groups so that each individual is given sufficient attention and teaching. I bring together all that I have learnt from Reiki, the Reiki guides and my earthly teachers and create workshops that allow me the space and opportunity to impart this knowledge in the most practical way to willing students.

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The Reiki Academy Empowering Workshops


I highly recommend that students complete both levels of Reiki. Together they provide a good foundation and sustainable Reiki practice. Enjoy savings of $225 when you sign up for both workshops together. Regular Tuition: $1200 Purchase together: $975

Shoden (Level 1) Date: 9 & 10 December 2017 Time: 11am-5pm Tuition: $550

In the Shoden level or first level of Traditional Usui Reiki, we concentrate on healing yourself, family and friends. You will receive the traditional attunements, and explore various hand placements on yourself and your classmates, with the intent to heal. You will explore the Reiki energy flowing through you, using this energy to work with your classmates and experience it under supervision, so that you are able to confidently practice it on yourself and others after the class.
Course Outline:

Chuden (Level 2)

Pre-requsite: Shoden (Level 1) Date: 6 & 7 January 2018 Time:  11am-5pm Tuition:$650 In this level, you will learn how to heal persons, personal karmic baggage, situations and animals from afar. This is called absent or distance healing. Benefits of learning this, is to deepen your practice of Traditional Usui Reiki, teaching you the art of sending energy to a goal or situation and further open your energy system. Being able to send Reiki to anyone near and far, makes the sharing of Reiki easier and faster. Students are strongly encouraged to take Level 1 and Level 2. This workshop comes with a meditation and the Level 2 attunements.
Course Outline:

Okuden (Master, Level 3) Pre-requsite: 

Reiki Shoden & Chuden Date: 13 & 14 Jan 2018 Time: 11am - 5pm Tuition: $900 It is a deep soul calling and once you embark on this journey, your spiritual path will deepen as you integrate fully with the Reiki energies and learn how to apply it at a soul-level to yourself and those around you.
Course Outline:

Shinpiden (Teacher Level)

When you are ready to teach Traditional Usui Reiki to others, kindly write to Tarra to apply for Shinpiden level.

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